Because We're Men
S1E26 Song
Nazwa polska: ---
Nazwa oryginalna: Because We're Men
Wykonawcy: Gumball i Darwin
Odcinek: Wąsy
Because We're Men jest to piosenka śpiewana przez Gumballa i Darwina podczas ich przemiany w dorosłych mężczyzn w odcinku Wąsy.


Gumball: Wait a minute, we don't have to listen to you anymore.

Gumball and Darwin: Because we're MEN!

We're gonna test drive a car,

And say we need a little time to think about it -

Because we're men!

We're gonna pay more for the movies,

and chop down trees, and eat a lot of meat -

Because we're men!

And we can have our own kids!

...but we're gonna wait until we meet the right person because it's an important decision.

But in the meantime we can barbecue!

Buy power tools!

Get tattoos!

Buy our...own shoooooooooooes!