You Gotta Think Big
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Nazwa oryginalna: You Gotta Think Big
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Odcinek: Geniusz
You Gotta Think Big jest to piosenka śpiewana w odcinku Geniusz, podczas ćwiczeń mózgu Gumball'a.


I was a feeble minded guy

I'd slip on ice and wonder why

So many obstacles were thrown my way

On a down ward slide each and every day

But something popped inside my brain

I got up to fight that fight again

And I knew what to do

I went through the mental pain

You gotta think big

Think deep

Pretty soon you'll make that quantum leap

Think big

Think smart

Make your brain your finest body part

The greatest minds from yesterday

Will be crushed to dust 'cause I'm on my way

(Think big, think big)

You gotta think big!